Tribologically-based Machine Design

What is Tribology?

Tribology is the technical and scientific aspect of contact surface. Performance, Reliability, and Durability of machines is determined by tribological performance of the contact surface. In many cases, performance of machines are highly dependent on the property of friction and wear at the contact surface and 75 percent mechanical failure in machines is caused by the problem at the contact surfaces. In Japan, the problem of friction and wear causes 3 percent of loss in GDP. Therefore, to contribute to saving resources and energy, reliable and robust high-performance machine designs need to be transform from the traditional "form of design and materials" to "contact surface and surface design" .

As the result, contact surface science and technology (Tribology) is introduced.

Research Goal

The goal of our research is to develop the technology for controlling the friction and wear of the contact surface. We introduce the concept of "Tribologically-based Machine Design" for obtaining high performance of Machines.

Present research topics

Past Research Activities

Research and development of Friction Drive System

Research and development of friction and and low-friction system

Research and development of wear resistance and wear mechanism of TRIBOSYSTEM

Research and development of friction, wear and surface characteristics of rubbing process

Friction and wear control technology for surface

Research for Design and Development